Easy and fast taping for pain point application or stabilization.

With these pre-cut tapes you gain more time for the important things - your attention for the rehabilitation of your patient or it makes it easier for you to The time-consuming cutting to size is no longer necessary and the exact cut at the edges prevents premature fraying, thus increasing the wearing comfort and wearing time for the patient. Well protected in a box, each of the 20 PreCuts is indispensable in therapy, but also a companion in every sports bag for emergencies or for first aid at home.

Product details:

  • 20 pieces
  • Dimensions per piece: 5 cm x 20 cm
  • Pre-cut kinesiology tapes
  • Easy and fast taping
  • For pain point application or stabilization

Product features:

  • TIME SAVING: The PreCut Tapes, which are pre-cut in 5 x 25 cm, allow a quick and easy installation.
  • PRACTICAL: The ready-cut kinesiologic tapes are well protected in a lockable box, are ideal for quick help at home, during sports or on the road.
  • THE ORIGINAL: The K-Active Tape PreCuts consist of the breathable, elastic cotton fabric of the proven K-Active Tape Classic.
  • APPLICATION: Used in the area of pain points or for stabilisation, correction and limitation of movements and postures. Comfortable application due to the exact cut and the rounded corners.
  • RELIABILITY: Even with extreme challenges and heavy physical exertion, a long investment period is usually guaranteed. Despite the strong adhesive, a gentle Tape removal usually possible without skin irritation and without residues.

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PreCut X 5 cm x 25 cm

  • 7,115Ft

    Végfelhasználó ár, tartalmazza az ÁFA-t

  • Az ár nem tartalmazza a szállítási költséget. A szállítási költség a rendelés összúlya alapján lesz kiszámolva.

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