6 D-Tape - Get skin and fascia moving!

The 6 D-Tape offers you optimal possibilities to activate tissue, fascia and other structures!

1. The Product
2. Objectives of the application
3. Possible effects
4. Application possibilities
5. Product details
6. Studies

1. The product
The 6 D-tape is equipped with the hypoallergenic STRATAGEL adhesive from the Japanese company Nitto Denko, which is also used in the particularly skin-friendly K-Active Tape Gentle is used. On the surface there are "activation pads" at regular intervals. With the help of these pads, the tissues lying under the tape can be activated in six Dimensions: up, down and along the x, y and z axes; rotary movements can also be performed.

2. Objectives of the application
Especially the lifting of skin, fasciae and underlying tissues should loosen adhesions and improve the flexibility of collagen structures. This is achieved by the process of "Thixotropy": In this phenomenon, often caused by activity in the body, gels liquefy under the influence of shear stress (comparable to stirring or Shaking), which results in an improved "perfusion" of the tissues and cells.

3. Possible effects
The described process not only supports the metabolism and the flow of fluid between the cells, it also has a positive effect on fascia, scar tissue, muscles and joints as well as on the lymphatic system and blood circulation.
The 6 D-tape has proven to be particularly effective when applied to swellings or lymph nodes. Ultrasound examinations have shown that the quantity and flow rate of the lymph increases and thus the removal of slag and structural debris can be improved. The consequences can, among other things, be pain relief, volume reduction and a normalization of the structural condition be.

4. Application possibilities
The 6 D-Tape can be used as a complementary therapy tool after injuries and operations, in cosmetics, for lymphatic problems and in cancer therapy. It can be used for further Therapy measures for pain problems, movement restrictions and prophylaxis effectively support.
In addition, the tape is very well suited for self-treatment, as the patient or athlete himself can use the pads to "activate" the affected tissue and thus make the various To stimulate bodily functions.

5. Product details

  • Consists of 98% cotton
  • Breathable
  • Water repellent
  • Elastic base material, non-elastic pads
  • Detailed instructions for the optimal application of the 6D tape are included with the product.

6. Studies
At present, only ultrasound evidence of the activation of the lymph volume and lymphatic velocity is available. All other statements correspond to the experience of the users, but have not yet been scientifically clarified or confirmed.

Lenght:1 m
Lenght 1 m
Colour Blue
Water resistant Yes

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6D Tape

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