Tapes for the cross- / spiral-tape therapy. According to users, the system can contribute to the harmonization of pain and trigger points and can be used as a supporting application in Acupuncture therapy can be used. Skin-friendly, water-resistant, sweat-permeable and breathable.

Product description

  • Material: polyester/polyurethane/acrylic
  • CrossTapes are water resistant and can be worn for several days without restriction


  • Pain points, trigger points and acupuncture points are energetic points that disturb the conductivity of muscle functions, nerve functions and meridian functions. The special developed fibre of the Cross Tape is electrostatically charged when it is pulled off the special film. According to users, CrossTapes can be applied to pain, trigger or Acupuncture points possibly harmonize these and support the energy flow in the tissue.
  • Do not use on wounds or skin diseases (neurodermatitis, psoriasis). Patients with skin sensitivities should test the compatibility with a tape or consult their doctor or therapist question.

Some experts are convinced of this method of treatment, but these are only a minority opinion. There is clear scientific evidence of its effectiveness not.

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CrossTape M

  • 11,185Ft

    Végfelhasználó ár, tartalmazza az ÁFA-t

  • Az ár nem tartalmazza a szállítási költséget. A szállítási költség a rendelés összúlya alapján lesz kiszámolva.

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